A Newbie's Quick Guide to Purchasing the Right Tractor

3 January 2020
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So, you've just bought your dream home with hundreds of acres. Or maybe you've set up ground maintenance or landscaping venture. Chores are likely mounting up fast, and you are thinking of a more viable solution. Acquiring a farm tractor can be the best solution to fix this problem. But with so many models and tractor options available today, how would you choose?

Well if you need to purchase a reliable tractor, here are the prime considerations to take into account: 

What's the Cost?

The least of the top things any farm owner should start considering is the tractor's purchase price. Tractor dealers always compete on the purchase price, but in essence, many other factors determine the cost of the machine. Every day, the dynamics of owning farming equipment are gradually changing with more sophisticated ways of analysing actual ownership costs. It is thus better to consider the entire package and attached benefits of your tractor rather than focusing on the purchase price alone. 

Other aspects include the type of financing offered, warranty length, fuel consumption, cost of parts and resale value. Avoid focusing on the initial purchase price, but consider the ultimate cost of your tractor in the long run (total package). Paying a little more on a tractor that will have a longer useful life can save you more money.

Is it Easy to Operate?

You may hire tractor operators who'll come and go; hence, you want to purchase a machine that's simple to operate. You will not always have the most experienced operators on your farm, and thus, the tractor's functions should be easier to understand for any driver. Besides, most accidents and tractor damages result from the operator's lack of knowledge. 

Does its Profile Meet Your Operational Needs?

Tractor manufacturers are offering low profile and narrow equipment that best fits most plantation systems. There are more modifications and adoptions to meet operational requirements for many farming setups. Additionally, the operator's comfort is a crucial factor, with things such as air conditioning, ease of use and seating ease becoming a priority today. Other things you should consider include torque, operating safety, horsepower, weight and efficiency. 

Do You Want New or Used?

In the past, tractor owners used to overwork their tractors, exceeding the maximum hours their engines should run. Thus, they sucked every drop of life in them and reduced their resale value. However, there is an increase in used tractor's worth, with many owners looking for trade-ins as well as resales. Weigh your operational requirements, cost and the long-term benefits before buying a new or used tractor. 

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