Drip Irrigation Supplies: How to Avoid Inefficiencies on Your Farm

14 August 2020
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If you would like to upgrade your irrigation system or install a new one on your farm, you should think about choosing a drip set-up. In general, this type of irrigation is favourable because it promotes reduced usage of water. This is particularly beneficial for large agricultural operations. Also, the design of the drip irrigation system reduces leaching or loss of nutrients. Additionally, the drip network is less vulnerable to mechanical damage. Read More 

Two Ways Farming Data Analysis Benefits Your Farm

27 January 2020
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It almost seems like technology is everywhere these days, and another industry where it is starting to prove useful is in farming. Unfortunately, the ongoing drought in Australia has made worldwide news headlines as the average Aussie farmer battles to survive on the land. As a generational farmer, embracing new ways of farming is the only way to survive, but how do you know where to begin? Farming data analysis is one method to help you make positive changes, so consider these two benefits that your farm can gain when data analysis is used. Read More 

3 Things On-Farm Food Processors Should Know About Allergen Testing

10 January 2020
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Food allergies present a public health concern in the modern world. Reduction of the prevalence of this issue requires food processors to identify and regulate allergens to prevent risks of cross-contamination. Notably, food allergens refer to proteins that occur naturally in food or their derivatives. The allergens cause the human immune system to respond abnormally. Foods that are considered to have allergens include eggs, milk and peanut. Every food processing plant must ensure that food coming out of the production system is tested for allergens to meet the food safety standards. Read More 

A Newbie’s Quick Guide to Purchasing the Right Tractor

3 January 2020
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So, you've just bought your dream home with hundreds of acres. Or maybe you've set up ground maintenance or landscaping venture. Chores are likely mounting up fast, and you are thinking of a more viable solution. Acquiring a farm tractor can be the best solution to fix this problem. But with so many models and tractor options available today, how would you choose? Well if you need to purchase a reliable tractor, here are the prime considerations to take into account:  Read More