Two Ways Farming Data Analysis Benefits Your Farm

27 January 2020
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It almost seems like technology is everywhere these days, and another industry where it is starting to prove useful is in farming. Unfortunately, the ongoing drought in Australia has made worldwide news headlines as the average Aussie farmer battles to survive on the land. As a generational farmer, embracing new ways of farming is the only way to survive, but how do you know where to begin? Farming data analysis is one method to help you make positive changes, so consider these two benefits that your farm can gain when data analysis is used.

Disease and Pest Information

It is bad enough when farmers battle lack of water while farming, but when disease or pests arrive on the land, the potential to lose a whole season's crops is high. Therefore, data analysis helps reduce this impact in two ways:

  1. Tools analyse previous disease and pest attacks to look for trends which may be linked to events such as weather patterns
  2. Tools analyse disease and pest trends in surrounding areas to predict when they may impact your farm

Using this information, you can protect your crops against potential disease and pest threats which have been identified for your particular location.

Crop Selection Information

When it comes to growing crops, just because you have grown one specific type for past decades does not mean that a particular crop is your most financially beneficial way moving forward. Farming data analysis helps with crop selection because it looks for trends of crops which are in high demand versus those which are over-produced. Growing popular and needed crops helps a farm to remain profitable. You may not choose to change your grown crop straight away, but it does help you to prepare for future changes if you wish to make alterations in the future. For example, you may need to prepare the soil in a different way or purchase new equipment to grow a different crop type.

At the end of the day, farming data analysis is not a fortune-telling tool which tells you exactly what is coming up for your farm, but it does help to bring your attention to trends, and that information is vital when it comes to the day-to-day running of your farm. These are just two ways that farming data analysis gives you a competitive edge, but there are other ways, too, so it pays to investigate this subject further to see how it specifically applies to you.

To learn more, contact a farming data analysis company.